Unit sizes

Our storage unit sizes

We offer different sizes of self storage containers, have a look at what we offer and choose the one best suited to your storage needs in Prague. Check out the current prices for Prague 4 here and Prague 6 here. For information on what not to store click here.

The pictures are just for illustration purposes and serve to compare sizes to a 180cm person. You can have a look at photos of the units at the bottom of this page.


Measurements = 200cm (length) x 143cm (width) x 200cm (height)
Area = 2.86m2
Volume = 5.72m3

XS Extra

Measurements = 205cm (length) x 150cm (width) x 206cm (height)
Area = 3.07m2
Volume = 6.33m3

Will easily fit few boxes, skis, bicycles, winter tyres and luggage.
XS and XS Extra have a single door, but we also have double door versions of the XS Extra - the width is 205cm and the length is 150cm.


Measurements = 207cm (length) x 200cm (width) x 200cm (height)
Area = 4.14m2
Volume = 8.28m3

Ideal for skis, bicycles, garden tech, outdoor needs, an armchair and table, a baby pram.


Measurements = 286cm (length) x 200cm (width) x 200cm (height)
Area = 5.72m2
Volume = 11.44m3

M Extra

Measurements = 300cm (length) x 205cm (width) x 206cm (height)
Area = 6.15m2
Volume = 12.67m3

Our most popular choice. You can store furniture from one or two rooms inside here.


Measurements = 386cm (length) x 200cm (width) x 200cm (height)
Area = 7.72m2
Volume = 15.44m3

You can fit a 2 bedroom apartment in here easily, including a fridge and washing machine. Ideal if you are moving or reconstructing your flat. Also ideal for a small online shop or company.


Measurements = 451cm (length) x 205cm (width) x 206cm (height)
Area = 9.25m2
Volume = 19.05m3

XL Extra

Measurements = 486cm (length) x 200cm (width) x 200cm (height)
Area = 9.72m2
Volume = 19.44m3

Helps small companies with their storage needs and machinery. If you can fold and disassemble a lot of furniture, then you can fit a 3 bedroom flat in the XL including appliances.


Measurements = 586cm (length) x 200cm (width) x 200cm (height)
Area = 11.72m2
Volume = 23.44m3

XXL Extra

Measurements = 602cm (length) x 206cm (width) x 206cm (height)
Area = 12.34m2
Volume = 25.42m3

Our largest unit. Ideal for those wishing to store furniture from a large apartment or house, or from multiple smaller apartments. Also helps with storing machinery and other tech.

Unit size photos

Have a look at the different options we at Super Storage offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us to have a short tour of the available unit sizes.